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The public schools in Nanaimo are operated by School District 68 Nanaimo-Ladysmith. Nanaimo itself has over 30 elementary and secondary schools. In total, there are forty-eight schools within the district’s borders offering education to approximately 15,250 students from kindergarten through grade twelve.

Public schools within the borders of Nanaimo include:

Bayview Elementary School, K-7
 140 View Street, Nanimo, BC
 (250) 754-3231
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Brechin Elementary School, K-7
 510 Millstone Avenue, Nanaimo, BC
 (250) 754-7523
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Career Technical Centre, 12
 1111 Dufferin Crescent, Nanaimo, BC
 (250) 754-2447
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Cedar Community Secondary School, 8-12
 1640 Macmillan Road, Nanaimo, BC
 (250) 722-2414
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Cedar Elementary School, K-7
 2215 Gould Road West, Nanaimo, BC
 (250) 722-2722
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Chase River Elementary School, K-7
 1503 Cranberry Avenue, Nanaimo, BC
 (250) 754-6983
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Cilaire Elementary School, K-7
 25 Cilaire Drive, Nanaimo, BC
 (250) 758-7941
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Cinnabar Valley Elementary School, K-7
 100 Ohio Way, Nanaimo, BC
 (250) 716-1030
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Coal Tyee Elementary School, K-7
 2280 Sun Valley Drive, Nanaimo, BC
 (250) 729-0450
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Departure Bay Elementary School, K-7
 3004 Departure Bay Road, Nanaimo, BC
 (250) 758-6541
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Dover Bay Secondary School, 8-12
 6134 McGirr Road, Nanaimo, BC
 (250) 756-4595
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Fairview Elementary School, K-7
 205 Howard Avenue, Nanaimo, BC
 (250) 753-3418
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Frank J. Ney Elementary School, K-7
 5301 Williamson Road, Nanaimo, BC
 (250) 729-8045
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Georgia Avenue Elementary School, K-7
 625 Georgia Avenue, Nanaimo, BC
 (250) 753-1044
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Hammond Bay Elementary School, K-7
 1025 Morningside Drive, Nanaimo, BC
 (250) 758-5711
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John Barsby Community School, 8-12
 550 Seventh Street, Nanaimo, BC
 (250) 753-8211
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McGirr Elementary School, K-7
 6199 McGirr Road, Nanaimo, BC
 (250) 758-8946
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Mountain View Elementary School, K-7
 2480 Wellington Road East, Nanaimo, BC
 (250) 753-2831
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Nanaimo District Secondary School, 8-12
 355 Wakesiah Avenue, Nanaimo, BC
 (250) 740-2000
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Ecole Oceane, K-7
 1951 Estevan Road, Nanaimo, BC
 (250) 714-0761
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Park Avenue Elementary School, K-7
 395 Eighth Street, Nanaimo, BC
 (250) 754-5591
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Ecole Pauline Haarer Elementary School, K-7
 400 Campbell Street, Nanaimo, BC
 (250) 754-2722
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Pleasant Valley Elementary School, K-7
 6201 Dunbar Road, Nanaimo, BC
 (250) 390-4027
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Ecole Quarterway Elementary School, K-7
 1632 Bowen Road, Nanaimo, BC
 (250) 754-6845
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Qwam Qwum Stuwixwulh Community School, K-7
 1390 Stuywut Street, Nanaimo, BC
 (250) 754-3033
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Randerson Ridge Elementary School, K-7
 6021 Nelson Road, Nanaimo, BC
 (250) 758-5076
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Rock City Elementary School, K-7
 3741 Departure Bay Road, Nanaimo, BC
 (250) 758-2434
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Tsawalk Learning Centre, 12
 1559 Estevan Road, Nanaimo, BC
 (250) 591-2900
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Uplands Park Elementary School, K-7
 3821 Stronach Drive, Nanaimo, BC
 (250) 758-3252
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Wellington Secondary School, 8-12
 3135 Mexicana Road, Nanaimo, BC
 (250) 758-9191
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Independent schools in Nanaimo. 


Discover Montessori School, K

 1111 Dufferin Crescent, Nanaimo, BC
 (250) 760-0615
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Nanaimo Christian School, K-12
 198 Holland Road, Nanaimo, BC
 (250) 754-4512
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The High School at VIU, 10-12
 900 Fifth Street, Nanaimo, BC
 (250) 740-6317
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Public Schools in Ladysmith


Ladysmith Intermediate, 4-7

317 French St, Ladysmith, BC

Phone: (250) 245-3351

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Ladysmith Primary, K-3

510 6th Ave, Ladysmith, BC

Phone: (250) 245-3912

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Ladysmith Secondary, 8-12

710 Sixth Ave, Ladysmith, BC



North Oyster Elementary, K-7

13470 Cedar Rd, Ladysmith, BC





Independent Schools in Ladysmith


Stz'uminus Senior Secondary, 8-12

3951 Shell Beach Rd, Ladysmith, BC