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Island Ryan, a local resident of Vancouver Island. Born and raised in the Fraser Valley of BC, Canada. After visiting Tofino and surfing a few times, Ryan fell in love with the majestic Island and decided to make it his home.  This site dedicated to showcasing the untouched beauty of Vancouver Island and how Ryan and his family have made it their home. Together we will dive deep into the island water and forests to experience why Vancouver Island has been said to be the most amazing place on earth.

Love, family and community


Outside of the Olympic Peninsula, no other region in Cascadia is more renowned for magnificent ancient forests and giant trees than Vancouver Island. Its frequently foggy and overcast climate, coupled with a very long wet season (between approximately September through May), spurs the growth of monumental trees here. .


The ocean inspires our everyday. West of the island is the open Pacific Ocean, while to its north is Queen Charlotte Sound. The Straits of Georgia and Juan de Fuca are now officially part of the Salish Sea, which also includes Puget Sound. Explore the strength and fragility of the island's surrounding waters with us, together.

Island Life

A little piece of our family outings that are day to day recorded for our kids to see and add on to one day. Yes the Island is unlike anything else and is quite a site to be seen but its the small things we do together as family that really count. Here are some less interesting aspects of our big move to the island but to us it's the most important. 


Katie Trace, Talon Taylor & Bria Taylor.

What made you leave Vancouver for the Island?

So, so many reasons. Too many to list quickly on here.

Clean air. Lush green forests. Waves softly crashing in around you setting your soul at ease. Oh and you can surf, ski, fish and golf all in the same day! 

What is your favourite thing to do so far on the Island?

Honeslty, its all amazing. I mean, life is still life here. I still have bills to pay and have to work and such but, the lifestyle is so much more laid back than what the city of Vancouver and lower mainland was like. We still havent experienced everything we want to yet. I will have a better anser for this question in time.

Which is your favourite beach on Vancouver Island?

Right now so far its Cox bay in Tofino. We have taken our trailer there a few times and love ebverythign about the bay. Highly recommend. Check out some of the camping trips we have posted and how much fun we had there.

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Island Ryan
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An average middle class family which decided to make the life changing trip across the pond from Vancouver City to Vancouver Island. This is the story of our move and how we have been enjoying our newly found slice of paradise.